There is nothing like the goodness and beauty of Punjabi suits. Punjabi suits were in fashion when I was in college and even before that. The attire is back in style after gorgeous Bollywood actresses have started to wear it again. Fuelled with inspiration, there is nothing that could now stop me from wearing these beauties. Also, the best part about the attire is that it embraces you as you are. You may not be the lady with the stunning figure, yet the attire will look good on you and make you look like an epitome of grace.

So, I am all set to repurchase the latest Punjabi suits. It is not that I do not own any Punjabi suits. However, the new designs and fabric are attracting me, and so I gave in my temptation and got myself a stunning Punjabi suit. Now when in Delhi, let us not forget that Lohri is the most vibrant festival, and for this festival, I was invited to my friend’s place. Thus, I got the opportunity to flaunt my new outfit.
I got a bit greedy and bought myself 2 Punjabi suits, plus two for my little angels so that I could twin with them and one to gift my friend who had invited me to her party so that we could pose together with our newly bought suits also we have some wedding invites for this month so, we are really excited to flaunt this Indian outfit.

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